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Good morning guys) I shall write down some useful expressions for you we natives often use in the morning. Can't get more natural than this 😎

Every morning I wake up AT THE CRACK OF DAWN (1) usually while people are still TUCKED UP IN BED (2) and FAST ASLEEP (3). But not me, no! I JUMP OUT OF BED (4). So usually FIRST THING IN THE MORNING is TO PUT SOME COFFEE ON (5) which gives me that push I so need. I'm not A MORNING PERSON and much prefer to LIE IN/SLEEP IN (6) and not feel compelled to get up.
1- Very early in the morning
2- Fully comfy under the cover. Parents tuck their children in at night. 
3- Fully asleep / sleeping deeply
4- Get out of bed quickly and energetically 
5- To make some coffee (make tea = put the kettle on)
6- You decide to sleep longer

It seems every morning I GET OUT OF THE WRONG SIDE OF BED (1) so I start the day IN A REALLY FOUL MOOD!(2) I often OVERSLEEP (3) because I forget TO SET THE ALARM. Being late for work and having no time to JUMP INTO THE SHOWER (4), I GRAB A QUICK SNACK (5) and then LEG IT TO WORK (6) where I get fired. 
1- You start the day badly
2- In a very bad mood
3- You forget to wake up on time
4- You shower very quickly. 
5- Eat something without preparing or waiting for it to be cooked. 
6- You rush somewhere (very informal)

Saturday is the best day of the week in my opinion. I wake up and realize I have nothing to do so I NOD OFF (1) again. I treat myself to an extra one hour NAP but then I wake up less energetic and HEAVY EYED (2). So I inject myself with steroids and I'm READY FOR THE DAY AHEAD. When the effects of the steroids and such wear off, I feel rather SLEEPY, sometimes DROWSY (3) and a bit LETHARGIC (4). So I lie on my sofa and HAVE 40 WINKS (5). I'm not an EARLY BIRD, rather a NIGHT OWL so getting early up is pretty tough for me. And people who wake up energetic and eccentrically happy should be shot!

1- To fall asleep like what a baby does
2- when you feel tired, your eyes are heavy
3- Adj, feeling tired usually after medicine
4- Adj, feeling tired and slow; sluggish
5- A nap (informal idiom)