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Basic Skills For Kids
Writer 17 September 2020
Pupils can improve their English Skills through this worksheet. They will enrich their vocabulary and improve their reading and writing skil...
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First Grade Basic Skills Worksheets
Writer 09 September 2020
Basic reading comprehension and reading skills activities necessary for developing the skills students need to succeed! English Created Re...
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Curriculum Mapping Tips for New Teachers
How to go about developing a curriculum that takes into account both your students’ abilities and the initiatives of your building and distr...
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Encouraging Students’ Independence in Math
Including emotion regulation activities in math lessons can help elementary students learn the content more effectively. Have you ever poure...
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The art of goal setting
Goals as doors My eldest son Nathan failed to achieve the biggest goal of his life: becoming a garbage truck driver. It’s hardly surprising ...
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5 academic skills for primary students
In an ever-changing jobs market, the skills we all need to use have developed beyond numeracy and literacy – and part of our jobs as teacher...
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5 academic skills to prepare your students for higher education
Studying abroad in an English-speaking country is a fantastic opportunity for your students to use their language skills in real-world situa...
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