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Mother's Day Activity Book
Writer 16 January 2022
    Mother's Day is a modern celebration that started in North America to honor one's own mother, as well as motherhood, maternal bo...
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Winter Activity Pack
Writer 10 December 2021
Winter Activity Pack for kids. Free Download.  While it may sound warm and cozy to spend the winter months inside your house, you might be s...
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Cut And Paste Activity Book
Writer 10 August 2021
Cut and paste activities are developmentally appropriate for little kiddos, but can easily turn a great lesson into a disaster. Have no fear...
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Numbers Activity Book
Writer 10 August 2021
Numbers Activity Book For Kids. Tracing and Colouring Book. It helps kids improve their skills in an interactive and creative way.  The deve...
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Math Count And Match Worksheets
Writer 09 August 2021
The development of early number sense is critical for children to be able to understand math in later years. There are important development...
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Coloring Activities For Kids
Writer 08 August 2021
Free Coloring Activities For Kids. English Worksheets and Teaching Resources.  When children have the opportunity to color, they engage thei...
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KG Maths Activity Book
Writer 07 August 2021
Math is important and it’s important to help young children develop their mathematical thinking. A child’s math knowledge at the start of ki...
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Super Kids Activity Book
  Superhero Activities for Kids to Conquer the World. Batman, Superman, Iron Man, or Wonder Woman. Who is your favorite superhero? Superhero...
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Shadow Matching Worksheets
Writer 24 April 2021
 Matching work is good for their brain DEVELOPMENT. It brings about deep concentration which is calming and deeply satisfying for the child....
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Ramadan Activities For Kids
Writer 16 April 2021
Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and a time when Muslims across the world will fast (do not eat) during the hours of dayl...
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Spring Activity Book
Spring Activity Book for Kids. It includes some activities for kids related to spring time.  Spring is one of the four seasons and comes aft...
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Sea Animals Reading Comprehension
Kids will know more interesting facts about Sea Animals. They will read the passages and answer the questions. More information will be prov...
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All About Me Activity Books
  All about me worksheets are a perfect way to start the new school year. Not only they are a great icebreaker, but they also help you keep ...
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Valentine Activity Book
  Valentine’s Day Activity Book for Kids is the ultimate activity for the 14th day in February which symbolizes friendship, love, hugs and s...
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