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Transportation Flashcards
Writer 14 July 2021
Transportation Flashcards Free Download. Flashcard learning for children is quite popular as a playful means to introduce children to new wo...
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Animals Vocabulary Charts
Writer 12 April 2021
Pupils will be able to identify different kids of Animals. They will know more words related to Animals, birds and insects.  Our vocabulary ...
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Opposites Flashcards
Writer 09 April 2021
  Opposites are very important to education, but they are also important to life. Without them, we would not know what "hot" was c...
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Vocabulary Charts For Kids
Writer 03 April 2021
Our vocabulary Charts For Kids will help them enrich their English Vocabulary and provide them with the most used English words. We also pro...
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Action Verbs Activity Book
Writer 02 April 2021
Action Verbs Activity Book Free Download. It will help kids master the use of action Verbs in a sentence. They will look at the pictures and...
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Verbs Flashcards
This bundle contains 60 Flashcards About English Verbs. It has the most used English Verbs which kids must know to learn how to build a sent...
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Synonyms And Antonyms Activity Book
Synonyms And Antonyms Activity Book For Kids. Pupils will read the words and Colour the pictures. It will help them know more words related ...
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Farm Animals Flashcards and Posters
When children are in their preschool and lower primary years, many of them will have a keen interest in animals. Farm animals, such as sheep...
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Jobs and Occupations Activity Book
  Download jobs and occupations worksheets and use them in class today. On this page, you can find  a PDF worksheet for teaching about jobs ...
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Day and Night Vocabulary Activities
  Activities that children do during the day and at night. This is a great lesson for vocabulary practice. I use this as a sorting activity ...
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Animal Riddles Worksheets
Teachers' Library 25 December 2020
  Kids will know more words related to Animals. They will know how to describe animals through this amazing activity. They will read the tex...
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Vocabulary Coloring Worksheets
Teachers' Library 23 December 2020
  Giving a child the opportunity to color helps stimulate the creative centers in their mind. Colors, shapes, interpretations, and imagined ...
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Vocabulary Activities Worksheets Cut and Paste
  Kids will enrich their vocabulary. They will learn more words using an interesting way through cutting and pasting the pictures.  English ...
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