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A list of common expressions that I want you to start using more

➡ approximately  
- What time are we meeting, approximately? 

➡ beforehand - 

- The exam starts at 9 am but make sure you arrive beforehand. 

➡ deliberately - 
- It wasn’t an accident! You deliberately threw that egg at me! 
- I was hit by the driver deliberately. 
(or: I was hit by the driver ON PURPOSE) 

➡ frankly - 
- Do you like me? 
- Frankly speaking, I hate you. 

➡ gradually  
- Your English is gradually getting better. But you need to practice more. 
(or: your English is getting better bit by bit) 

➡ incredibly  
- That game we played in class yesterday was incredibly pointless. 

➡ instantly  
- He was shot in the head and died instantly. 

➡ nevertheless  
-I know it’s raining but we should cook shashlik nevertheless! 

➡ partly  
- The fact that I love spending my time with chickens is only partly true. 

➡ precisely  
- We have an important meeting and it’s crucial to arrive precisely at 12 noon. 

➡ relatively - 
- School today was relatively boring. 

➡ slightly 
- Don’t worry, you only slightly burned dinner but we can still eat it. 

➡ utterly - 
-Today’s grammar lesson was utterly pointless.