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Summer Reading Camp – Graded stories for the primary classroom

“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.” – Dr. Seuss

Have you ever thought about using graded Readers with your class? Reading is an enjoyable activity for many children, but some find it difficult, especially in another language.

There are many benefits of reading – it expands vocabulary and knowledge of structures, it helps build independence and self-confidence, and it helps children understand the world around them. If you’re considering introducing extensive reading into your classroom, our Story Readers are the perfect place to start.

WWhy use graded Readers?
Aligned to the Global Scale of English, you will easily find the right Story Reader for your class. The vocabulary, structures, number of words and complexity are all carefully graded at each level and recommended age groups are also provided.

WWhy use traditional stories?
The stories in our Story Readers range are all well-known – and many of your students will already be familiar with them. These tales are timeless, and therefore enjoyable and relevant for students all over the world. Classic tales are authentic, they provide valuable life lessons that can be discussed and further explored in the lesson, and they broaden children’s understanding of the world.

HHow can I use graded Readers in class?
Each Story Reader has one or more pre-reading and post-reading activities at the back of the book. The audio in mp3 format and useful information about each story can be found on the website, as well as extra activities and resources.

SSummer Reading Camp – weekly resources for each story
We’ve also put together a brand new set of resources that you can use along with Pearson Story Readers. Each week we’ll be posting activities for a different Reader. Students will do four short tasks as they read the story, and complete one final challenge to receive a badge. Here is a chart you can download to keep track of each student’s progress and motivate them to complete each task.