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10 great synonymous expressions for MAKING AN EFFORT with varying degrees put together by yours truly, me 😎

PULL ONE'S SOCKS UP (Start making more effort)
- If you don't want to end up working in Burger King, then pull your socks up and study hard!

PULL OUT ALL STOPS (do everything you can to make smth successful)
- I'm gonna pull out all the stops for my date tonight; I will shower, brush my teeth, and put on clean pants. Kate Middleton will be impressed!

- When you go into your exam later, give it all you've got, my friend! What? You've paid for it? Forget what I just said then!

GIVE IT ONE'S BEST SHOT (Try your hardest)
- My darling, do you know how to cook a steak properly? - No my husband, but i'll give it my best shot. I'll try not to burn the kitchen down this time. 

KNUCKLE/BUCKLE DOWN (To start working hard)
- Ok guys, we've had a nice warm-up session in today's lesson telling inappropriate jokes but now it's time to knuckle down and learn English.

HAVE A CRACK (Have an attempt)
- The capital of Madagascar? Emmmm... I'll have a crack... Is it Berlin?

HAVE A GO (Have an attempt)
- Oh curling, I'm shit at it but i'll have a go and will see what happens.

GO OUT OF ONE'S WAY (To make extra effort)
- Ah Paul is always going out of his way to make people happy by telling jokes that are usually not funny. But he tries, nonetheless. 

BEND OVER BACKWARDS for someone (Effort for someone)
- You ungrateful bastard! I bent over backwards trying to get you a job here in McDonalds and you quit after 5 minutes! Now the manager will think I'm a twat!

PUT ONESELF OUT (Inconveniently make an effort to help someone)
- Oh grandma, it's so sweet of you to offer to cook me a feast. Please granny, don't put yourself out. I've ordered Transpizza anyway!