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✔ Enjoyment: LIKE + ING: (+infinitive is also possible) 
- I really like doing sports (like to do sports) 
- Sarah likes talking to her friends on the phone (likes to talk to...) 
- We don't really like cleaning the flat on weekends (don't like to...) 

➡ Here, LIKE + ING can be on just one occasion: 
- I liked playing with the kids today 

✔ Choice and habits: LIKE + INFINITIVE (and here ING isn't possible) 
- I like to do sports only in the mornings 
- When I have cakes, I like to have chocolate ones 
- I like to help people when I can 

One issue here is there is often a fine line between 'Enjoyment' and 'habit' hence why at times the 'ing' or 'infinitive' form is possible. The choice, of course, depends on the context.