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All about SHAPES and health in English

To be in good/bad/poor shape (in good/bad condition, in good/bad health) 
● For an old car, it’s in pretty good shape. 
● The economy is in worse shape now than it was last year. 
● Kaplan seemed to be in better shape than either of us.

To be in shape/out of shape (in a good or bad state of health or physical fitness → fit, unfit)
● I was feeling totally out of shape. 
● I’ve got to get into shape before summer.

To keep/stay in shape (maintain your health state)
● She’s bought an exercise bike to keep in shape.

To be in no shape to do something (to be sick, tired, drunk and not able to do something well)
● Mel was in no shape to drive home after the party.

EXTRA - the way something looks, works or is organized
● Computers have completely changed the shape of our industry. 
● This new technique is the shape of things to come (= an example of the way things will develop in the future).